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Architectural Homes

Architectural homes come in many different styles, spanning from ancient times and undergoing many evolutions since then. In fact, there are so many of them that a buyer may feel overwhelmed. With this in mind, gathered here are some of the best known architectural styles prized for both form and function.

  • Art Deco:
    Based on an influential visual arts style of 1930s, it has evolved into a classy modern design high on bold geometric shapes, pastel colors and intricate ornaments. Art Deco inspired houses are designed with flat roofs, rounded corners and geometric wall decorations.
  • Bungalow:
    Part of the Arts and Crafts style revolution, a Bungalow commonly includes a detached single story or one and a half story house with a verandah. They are usually made with natural materials such as wood and stone, are relatively larger than most two story houses and come with their own charming and homey appeal.
  • Cape Cod:
    A house style inspired by cottages from England, Cape Cods are traditionally built with steeper roofs, simple paneled walls, a symmetrical broad frame and large chimneys. This design was used to build houses for housing developments after World War II. Simple but classy.
  • Colonial:
    There are many subtypes for this formal style though most share common details including symmetrical design, steep roofs, small casement windows and large central chimneys. Some of the more common subtypes include the French Colonial and the Georgian Colonial styles.
  • Contemporary:
    A form of modern architecture using sleek and artsy structuring though with more emphasis on nature-minded influences like using eco-friendly materials and allowing adequate natural lighting and ventilation into the rooms.
  • Farmhouse:
    As the name implies, these houses are usually built on farmlands and serve as the laborers’ residences. Though farmhouse designs were influenced by Colonial and Victorian styles, they tend to be less formal in appearance.
  • Federal:
    Modeled after Roman classicism, the plain yet intricately detailed structural design of the Federal house are a picture of wealth and high standing. Distinguishing features to this style include tall columns, a smooth brick façade and grand curved steps right before the entranceway.
  • Italianate:
    Modeledafter Italian villas, the Italianate style is recognized by its decorative corbels, rounded windows and columned entryways. This style focuses more of the decorative side than on the functionality side, but it so attractive that it remains a popular architectural option.
  • Mediterranean:
    Modeled after the haciendas in Spain, Mediterranean style houses are often big and made of red tile roofs and plastered walls with design elements such as multicolored tiles, heavy doors and patios.
  • Victorian:
    An architecture style that emerged between 1830 and 1910 under the reign of Queen Victoria. It is an elegant but complex style characterized by bright colors, asymmetrical layouts and multi-faceted rooflines.

There are many architectural homes for you to choose from with each of them entailing their own set of expenses. Pick one that speaks most about your own preferences while keeping in mind to balance both the importance of style and the necessity of comfort.


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