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Building Consultants

Building consultants are experienced, independent and specialized people who are professionally trained and equipped to solve structure or building issues. They use forensic investigation to derive reports which involve factual data, photographic evidence and expert analysis.  The consultants offer advice that prevents any building envelope failure.

Kwikfynd's building consultants give professional recommendations on types of home building, effective energy solutions and cost saving services. They work with other building professionals such as builders, electricians, property managers, insulators, lawyers, homeowners, insurance agent, etc.

When selecting a building consultant, you need to consider a number of factors such as:

  1. Consultant's experience
  2. Qualifications
  3. Appropriate building expertise

In most countries building consultants are not licensed registered. Therefore it's important to ensure they are insured under professional indemnity insurance. This guarantees the client is covered or protected if the building consultant's advice leads to loss due to negligent performance.

Types of building consultants

  1. Qualified builders
    The consultants specialize in offering services such as construction cost, procedures, time cycle and policies.
  2. Building designers
    Building designer consultants are qualified, experienced and professional structural and architectural designers offering home extensions consultancy services. Their advice is based on innovation, sustainability, design solutions and realistic building services.
  3. Architects
    Their services include energy efficient designs and high quality designs by using modern conservation techniques.
  4. Building inspectors/ surveyors
    Their consultation services include building inspection reports, CAD drawings, reports on pre- acquisition surveys, preparation schedules, maintenance schedules and defect analysis and repair.
  5. Quantity surveyors
    They provide services such as:
    1. At Pre- contract stage
      1. Budget estimates
      2. Tender evaluation
      3. cost planning
      4. negotiating with contractors
      5. feasibility studies
    2. Implementation stage
      1. preparation of final accounts
      2. contract dispute resolution mechanisms
      3. research of interim valuations
      4. assessing variations and contracts claim


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