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Builders Hardware

This is a group of components made of metal used for a construction's decoration, convenience and protection. The builders' hardware is not part of the building materials. Their main function is to support the fixtures in the building and enhance their functionality. They are a necessity although some may seem to be more of accessories.

Builders' hardware are mainly made of high quality metal such as steel, aluminum, copper, brass and iron to ensure durability. They are made of different sizes and shape to suite all kinds of fixtures. It also comes in different designs making them unique and stylish.

Types of Builders' Hardware

  1. Safety and security hardware

    These components are made to enhance the security for homes. They include smoke detectors, home monitoring, lock sets and security systems.

  2. Door hardware

    They are normally attached to doors and they include knockers, handles, knobs, locksets, number plate and fasteners among others. They are used for decoration, functionality and security purposes.

  3. Window hardware

    They offer security and high functionality with their quality designs. They include hinges, locks, window extrusion and handles among others.

  4. Bathroom hardware

    They include bathroom faucets, towel bars, toilet paper holders and shower heads among many others. They are mainly made of stainless steel.

  5. Curtain hardware

    They include curtain rods, curtain rings, curtain finials, rails and hooks. The curtain hardware are used to hold the curtains in place and also helps to move them easily.

  6. Furniture hardware

    The hardware is solely meant to support the furniture and they include furniture frames, arms and legs.

  7. Cabinet hardware

    They offer high functionality. They include brackets, knobs, locks, hinges and latches.

  8. Plumbing hardware

    They ensure proper and continuous supply of water. They are the hose pipes and tubes, and are made of quality materials that can withstand high temperatures and are also corrosive resistant.


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