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This refers to coating and covering another material or metal under high temperatures or pressure. Cladding is done to control weather infiltration element or for adding value and looks to the metal. It decorates and protects home underlying structures.

Cladding is a durable product that can last up to 50 years. Durability depends on the method of cladding applied and the care taken. It is easy to hook work with it and also fast to install. Most cladding is done by the supplier or manufacturer but can also be carried out by professionals e.g. carpenters.

Types of Cladding

  1. Weatherboard cladding
    They are made of vinyl or cement, reconstituted hardwood and timber. The weatherboards require maintenance often to maintain their good looking appearance.

  3. Timber cladding
    The timber that is used should be environmentally friendly and suit all home styles. Cladding makes the timber a high quality natural insulator.

  5. Stone cladding
    This type of cladding uses thin layers of stone. Stones are expensive and labor intensive.

  7. Vinyl cladding
    This cladding is economical because it requires no maintenance and comes in different colors. It is also recyclable compared to other cladding types.

  9. Fiber cement cladding
    The cladding is made of compressed cellular fiber, sand and cement into sheets. Fiber cement cladding requires minimal maintenance, easy to install and lighter.

  11. External foam cladding
    This is expanded polystyrene reinforced with fiberglass mesh and render. It is easy to install, weather resistant, energy efficient and tough.

  13. Metal cladding
    This is either aluminium or steel cladding. The metal is galvanized and you can use different colors to decorate it. It requires minimal maintenance.

  15. Concrete cladding
    The concrete is customized to resemble other materials in the house such as stone. This type of cladding is durable, strong and requires minimal maintenance.

  17. Brick cladding
    This uses a variety of colored bricks. It does not require maintenance.


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