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They offer construction services such as general construction, tenant improvement, warehousing facilities, and contracting services. They possess expertise and first-class experience on commercial projects including building modification and new buildings. The clients’base in this field includes:

  • Healthcare facilities e.g. clinics, hospitals and nursing homes
  • Office suites and warehouses
  • Leisure facilities and centers (entertainment) e.g. casinos and movie theatres
  • Industrial e.g. hatcheries and industrial laboratories 
  • Towns re-development
  • Business premises e.g. supermarkets, malls and restaurants
  • Education institutions e.g. research centers, colleges and universities
  • Government e.g. court houses and fire stations
  • Transport sector e.g. airport terminals, parking, bus and railway stations
  • Electrical and mechanical sectors e.g. data centers, power stations, machinery and power lines

Other services and products offered by professional commercial builders include:

  • Building control

    Offer support and advice to their clients on safety and health matters, building standards and regulations.

  • Acoustic testing

    They offer advice on sound insulation. The services include; vibration analysis, noise dosimeter, sound transmission class (STC), noise surveys, sound spectrum analysis, impact insulation class (IIC) and noise measurement.

  • Warranty/Latent Defects Insurance

    This covers medical buildings, offices, restaurants, health centers, hotels, warehouses and others.

  • Safety and health services

    The builders ensure proper ventilation, prevent falls and slips due to slippery floor and avoid illness and injuries in the building.

  • Leakage testing

    The testing involves measuring the air conditioning, air heating and air ventilation.

  • Training services

    Building managers and operators are trained on how to operate building equipments such as air conditioners.

  • Assessment services
  • Sustainability assessment

    Involves property cost valuation. Factors relating to sustainability that can affect the value of the properties are; environmental, physical, economic and social.

  • Energy assessment

    The builders ensure the building complies with the energy efficiency provisions. The two assessments commonly carried are Verification Method JV1 and Deemed-to-Satisfy method

    ISO six construction classes for commercial buildings
    Construction Class 1: Frame construction
    Construction Class 2: Joisted Masonry Construction
    Construction Class 3: Noncombustible Construction
    Construction Class 4: Masonry Noncombustible Construction
    Construction Class 5: Modified Fire Resistive Construction
    Construction Class 6: Fire Resistive Construction


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