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Duplex homes are also known as “Gemini” or “Twin house.” This is a design mainly adopted in densely populated areas like busy cities or in expensive waterfront properties.

This type of building design is when two units are built as a single dwelling. This is a single housing structure with two housing units sharing one wall. The wall divides the structure into two separate houses. Duplex can range in size, amenities and styles.

The duplex homes seem to be a single unit but have two distinct entries. This home building style is beneficial as it conserves space and also economical compared to spit units. They are intended to shelter more than one family. The houses have double insulated walls and separate garage space. Each house has its own garden, driveway, entry and other features of a freestanding house.

Pros and cons of Duplex homes


  1. They are affordable compared to single family houses
  2. Single shared wall


  1. Small yards
  2. No privacy and noise from the neighbor

Types of Duplex

  1. Single storey duplex

    The homes share a similar vertical wall.

  2. Stacked

    The homes share a floor for the top unit and ceiling for the ground unit. One family is on the top floor while the second family occupies the ground floor.


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