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Entertaining Areas

When the air is warm and the skies are clear, many would prefer to spend their time eating, playing or lounging about outdoors. Outdoor entertaining areas are becoming more popular house extensions lately, coming in several different kinds and many kinds of layouts and themes. It can be as simple as a cozy personal garden nook or as elaborate as a wide dining area patio to receive the guests.

Common Kinds of Outdoor Entertainment Areas

  1. Garden: The most common outdoor area available in houses, garden types can range from a well-trimmed grassy lawn to a beautiful bouquet of different kinds of flowers and even trees. A meticulously maintained garden is good to anyone's eye and is a relaxing place to lounge about when the weather is good.
  2. Pergola (Arbor): A non-roofed area made of columns or archways, often with beams on top where vines can be trained to grow. It is often used to as decorative links between buildings or a shelter in open places. Placing chairs or benches under the pergola can turn it into a cozy gazebo.
  3. Patio (Courtyard): An outdoor space dedicated for dining or recreation purposes, it is also where most people choose to receive guests outdoors. An example of this would be a backyard barbeque deck with dining chairs and tables.
  4. Sports areas: Some houses employ a recreation area dedicated to sports if they have room in their land. Not only is it an entertaining venture for guests, it can also encourage the residents to have a healthy lifestyle. It doesn't really matter how big it is so long as it is used quite often and well kept. Examples of these are swimming pools and tennis courts. 
  5. Fire pits: A homey addition to any garden, with a fire pit you can easily take the camp bonfire experience in your backyard. Just make sure it is in an open area and keep it a good distance from anything flammable.

Before planning your ideal outdoor entertainment area, you should first consider what you're going to use it for. Would the area be for just your family or will you use it to accommodate a larger group? Will you use it to cook and dine or for outdoor recreational activities? How often will the area be used? Will you plan to keep it open or will you put it under shelter? And don't forget that the outdoor area is meant to reflect your taste so feel free to set it up with whatever motif you like—nature, oriental, modern style and many other possibilities!

While some may think that outdoor entertaining areas are a luxury, with a little space and a little creativity, you can create your own perfect outdoor nook. It will all depend on your own taste and preferences, just remember to make your outdoor place truly your own.


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