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Factory Building

In building some structures, sometimes it saves time, effort and money to order largely factory made buildings. Factory buildings are types of prefabricated buildings, meaning most of the parts are assembled in advance either in a factory or an off-site area where they are then delivered to the site for final construction. These houses come in a variety of styles and designs, and there are also a variety of kinds of factory buildings depending on the situation and needs.

  1. Manufactured houses: Assembly of a manufactured house usually begin on site, where the steel beams are erected as framework for the other parts. Off-site, sections of the house are pieced together before sending them to the site, one part at a time and sealing them together.
  2. Modular homes: Like in manufactured houses, these are created in sections before being transferred to the site for installation. While commonly associated with manufactured houses, they do have their differences, mainly in the transportation process of the housing pieces and the lack of axel and automotive type frame.
  3. Mobile homes: Literally homes on wheels, they are houses that can be assembled and moved from one location to another. These homes can only be placed in mobile home parks.

There are several benefits in choosing factory buildings. Assembling parts indoors can decrease chances of damage and weathering of some house parts. Assembling houses in rural and remote locations are made easier when you only have to deliver a house by part and overall, factory buildings are faster to build and can save you money. While it is not yet big an industry in countries aside from the US, with the convenience and cost cutting factory buildings bring, it is bound to be a profitable industry sooner or later.


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