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Full Brick Homes

The third piglet had the right idea—building a full brick home is definitely a wise choice. Not just to keep the wolf out but also to keep the house at comfortable temperature, look sturdy through the ages and keep it looking classy and elegant near effortlessly. Full brick homes may be costly to begin with, but their durability makes them a wise investment in the long run.

Let's delve deeper into the greater details of brick house advantages:

  • Temperature regulation: Brick walls are helpful in keeping your house at desirable temperatures. Bricks are natural barriers that delay the travel of heat between its walls. This means that during summer, heat stays outside longer and during winter, heat stays indoors longer. When combined with insulation and cooling systems, their combo is a surefire thermo regulating winner.
  • Less Repairs Needed: Bricks are strong materials that can last past many weather conditions. They may chip and fade but most certainly will not break. No need to worry about repainting and termites eating away your walls! Although you do need to occasionally wash the bricks with water every now and then.
  • Flexible and Compatible: Brick houses are easily compatible with any home design, complementing oriental, colonial and even art deco designs with their own simple elegant charm.
  • Increased Value: Full brick homes often appreciate in value quite quickly and can be easier to sell because most people see the appeal of these structures and know that they are made to last a lifetime and then some.

Convinced to go for full brick homes yet? Here are some of the houses that make use of mostly or completely bricks.

  • Contemporary: Not only is this style versatile and modernly abstract, a Contemporary house's selling point is its eco-friendly designs. The natural thermo regulating properties of bricks make it a perfect implement of this agenda.
  • Heritage: A trademark of Heritage houses is their use of red bricks coupled with terracotta tiles. Commonly known forms of Heritage style include the Federal style and the Californian Bungalow houses.
  • Georgian Colonial: Focusing on symmetry and simple elegance, Georgian Colonial houses often use bricks adorned with stone ornaments to complement the multi-paneled windows, decorative doors and neo-classical motifs.


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