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Granny Flats


Granny flats are frequently characterized as "optional residences” or “secondary dwellings.”It is a part of a house made into independent settlement suitable for an elderly relative or family member. Before building a granny flat, it is better to understand how your local council defines the term because you have to seek approval for it.

Types of Granny Flats


Ideal for adding extra value and scope to your home, an attached granny flat will not only compliment your existing property but it could also create additional income. As the name implies, an attached granny flat is either connected or held in your home. Assuming you got a ton of extra room or you need to transform your unused back room into a self-managed granny flat, then an attached granny flat is the best approach to go.


Provided you have a spacious area and is looking to earn extra bucks, then building a detached granny flat is ideal for you. Because it offers more privacy and flexibility than an attached granny flat, a detached granny flat can be built from a mixed variety of materials to boost your home to a whole new level. This alternative is best for properties with massive land and for individuals.


Ready-made with the added-value features you want in a home, a portable granny flat is the best preference for on the go people. As they are modern, these flats are personalized to your specific needs and can easily be assembled within a few days. These portable granny flats can likewise serve as a workspace, entertainment, or an extension of your bedroom –your house, your choice.


Off-the-rack granny flats are totally created off-site. After picking your fancied design, machines and colour schema, your pre-assembled grannywill be delivered to your property in one complete bundle. All you have to do is hook up your utilities and you now have a new self-maintained property.


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