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Home Additions

Planning on improving your home? Kwikfynd home additions are a popular option in redesigning and adding rooms of your choice in your house. You can add more rooms, extend your deck or even add a new floor. Just remember to plan carefully and keep your budget in mind in order to make your house expansion a success.

Pros in Building Home Additions

  • Additions are cheaper: It always will be compared to buying your own home or starting your lace over from scratch. In fact, you might only need to make a few modifications to make your current home what you've always dreamed of.
  • Express creativity: You can modify your home however you like it. You decide what your new addition looks, how big it is and what will you use to build it.
  • Increase house value: A well placed home expansion can increase the market value of your house should you choose to put for sale in the future.

Cons of Building a Home Addition

  • Extra costs and change orders: Last minute orders, sudden changes in the plan and other little accidents can (and will happen) during construction, so expect to shell out a little more than your original budget.
  • The discomfort of the process: Of course, when you are at the process of modifying your home, expect to be disturbed by construction noises, accumulating sawdust and the presence of the construction workers. It's not comfortable, but for the betterment of your house and to make most of your money, you must bear with it.
  • The risk of overpricing your home: It's nice to increase your home's net worth, but if your place becomes too expensive compared to the other houses in your vicinity, you'll probably have trouble selling it no matter how nice it looks.

Kinds of Home Additions

  • Room modification: These modifications can be as simple as tearing a wall between two rooms to make one room or as a bit more complex like building an entirely new one. Before modifying any room in your home, assess first if the modification is really necessary, what room are you planning to build or modify a current room into and if you are modifying a presently used area, where can you find a temporary room replacement for its purposes?
  • Home improvements: If your roof is leaking terribly or if you're just thinking that the lovely Colonial style roof you saw in the magazine is perfect for your home, this is the kind of addition you'll want. You can also add a new deck, balcony, porch and even a new garage.
  • Extra floor: An additional story can be a beneficial but costly addition to your home. It may also take quite a while so be sure your budget and your family is well prepared for this. Also take note that not all houses can afford or are allowed according to some community policies to an extra floor to their homes, so do your research and planning.


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