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Home Extensions

A house extention can be a boon to any home, bringing an increase in living space and improved aesthetic appeal. But for it to be a true benefit, careful planning and budgeting are a must, or else the process could fall flat and the extention may not turn out the way you’d want it to.

Things to consider before putting up a home extention:

  • What kind of home extention are you planning to make? Are you planning on doing a half room or full floor expansion? Are you planning to convert a portion of your yard into a deck or a patio? More importantly—do you actually need the extention? Because this is going to cost money, so prepare to shell out to get the most out of the process.
  • Which contractor are you planning to hire?There are many residential builder companies out there, waiting to be the lucky bidders who’ll take charge of your home. Research on the companies available in your area, seek personal recommendations if possible and negotiate a price best suited for your budget.
  • Does your community have existing regulations and restrictions regarding home remodeling?If your community has restrictions regarding home extention size, length and other construction requirements, do more research about them and inform your designers so that they can come up with plans to comply with these regulations.
  • What materials are you planning to use?Depending on the style you have in mind, you can be up to buy varied kinds of building materials like steel, stone, glass, lumber and screens. Again, discuss this with your designer for suggestions and try asking around for the best construction supply deals.
  • How are you going to adjust to the discomforts of the upcoming construction (noises, dust, possible room relocations etc.)?It’s not just you budget that will undergo difficulties during construction. Accumulated sawdust, construction noises, the presence of the builders and possible room relocations are expected hassles. Prepare yourself and your families to deal with this.

Kinds of Home Extentions

  • Roof extentions: You can also modify your roof for aesthetic purposes. An example of this is the catslide roof extention, the extention of a usually low pitched roofline to ground floor ceiling.
  • Interior alterations: A home extention doesn’t have to be house wide. Sometimes, it can be as simple as extending one side of a room. It could be as simple as tearing down a middling wall or as big as expanding into a portion of your yard.
  • Extention of loft or deck: If you think you have too much yard and too little outdoor entertainment space, this could be a good option for you. You can also add screen doors or other kinds of enclosure on the extention so that you can also have expanded living space.
  • Additional outdoor space:  Or if you’d rather have an independent outdoor area addition, you can always opt to build a pergola or a gazebo. These are great ways to relax outdoors and even receive guests. And if you want them to be usable all season, try putting some form of enclosure.


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