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These are homes that are mostly occupied by the highest in the socioeconomic cluster. They are normally very expensive and their value differs depending on their location. They mostly have pleasant and extravagant views and amenities. Such homes are not built in areas where it’s densely populated as most of buyers go privacy or prefer living with people of their same social class. The luxury homes are free from unwanted commercialization, customization and industrialization. They are also crime-free because of the security detail usually deployed in and around such lavish properties.

The builders ensure these homes have the finest of designs by bringing their dreams to life. They tailor the customers’ concept and ensure to meet and even exceed the clients’ expectation. The luxury homes are all differently designed. This is due to the fact that each home has a unique personality and feel due to the customization done in respect to the clients’ demands. The homes have a highly systemized approach to enhance security and privacy.

Types of Luxury Homes

  • Custom homes - these are homes that are site specific built and builders begin from a unique set of plans as the build them on the buyer’s land.
  • Lavish high rise condominiums - the homes are built at a particular location and have a lake view.
  • Gated mansions - they are large dwelling homes with rooms designed for particular leisure activities.
  • Vast ranches - they are built on an area of landscape and are secluded. They have different structures and provide enough space for farming and livestock keeping.
  • Grand estates - they are large houses and mostly lie on land about seven acres.

Characteristics of Luxury Homes

  • Exclusivity - this ensures the people of the same class network effectively. It also helps to exclude the people who cannot respect the rules and regulation for that particular community.
  • Location and neighborhood - the location reflect the buyers’ personality and style. It should be secluded from the crowded neighborhood.
  • Finish and décor - the finishing should be stylish and unique. Fine handcrafted elements and timeless architecture are incorporated as they give a grand feel.
  • Amenities - these are status symbols for their high end stature such as extravagant landscaping, golf courses and tennis courts.
  • Size - this depends with the type of home as some might be smaller in size but very expensive.


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