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Narrow Block Designs

Just because you live in a narrow block doesn’t mean your house has to be subpar.A small lot doesn’t equate to a cramped house, and by making the most out of your narrow lot, you can build a home that is surprisingly comfortable and ample spaced.

What you can get out of an adequately designed narrow block house?

  • More Room that You Thought Possible: Narrow block designs are made with the thought of maximizing house space while keeping rooms adequately spaced and well ventilated.
  • Freedom of Design: Modern and Contemporary styles are commonly seen in narrow block homes, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  With a little creativity and guidance from narrow lot house designers, you can use whatever architectural style in your house.  Want a cozy Bungalow on your small space?  Not a problem!
  • Classy home on a low price land: Because of their size, most narrow plots are sold at relatively cheaper prices.  This means that the money you have left over can be used to designing the perfect small lot house that can put some of the bigger ones to shame.
  • Growing attention in the market: The uniqueness and the creative charm behind narrow block houses is gaining attention from the real estate market.  Small plots are starting to grow in prices and your humble home could be actually be gaining higher increases in net worth—even more so if you have an especially stunning house design.

The charm of small lot lands is in how the design has done its best to utilize small space and still come out as a beautiful structure.  Keep in mind to employ only Kwikfynd’s best narrow house designers and the best construction companies and suppliers in order to turn your small plot into your ideal home.


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