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New Homes

These are the newly constructed homes. The new home owners need to invest wisely on the type of house they want and the place to settle. They should also consider their budget to avoid debts that result from unnecessary expenditure.

Types of New Homes

  1. Prefab (prefabricated) home constructions
    This type of construction involves assembling of the shipped house parts. They are manufactured off-site. Most parts of the house are constructed and assembled in the factory away from the house intended site.
  2. Conventional house construction
    The house is constructed on the site and it is the most common type of the house building.
  3. Panelized homes
    The walls, roof and floor sections are manufactured in a factory-controlled conditions then shipped later on.
  4. Mobile homes
    They are also known as trailer houses or caravan. They are mainly used during holidays.


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