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These are the outdoor spaces of a residence mainly meant for recreation or dining. It is mainly meant to compliment the indoor living setting style. The paved spot can either be a roofless or covered courtyard.

The patios enhance the style of the gardens and homes and can serve different purposes. It can be a center for a multi-season recreation or can be an intimate retreat spot or a party place. Patios should be well decorated and have colorful d├ęcor to make it pop and entertaining. When setting up or remodeling the patios, there are a number of key issues that need to be considered such as the materials to use, the amenities required and the accessories or add-ons to go for in order to create the desired impression.

Types of Patios

  • Raised patio

    The patios are raised from the ground to the desired level but a retaining wall is built around the patio to avoid it from falling apart.

  • Dry-laid patio

    This is the easiest patio to model as it requires no expertise. The builder needs to excavate the selected site and create a drainage. A sand bed is laid followed by the cut or natural paving stones.

  • Mortaring a patio

    This kind of patio is no different from the dry-laid patio as the same procedure is used to model the patios. The only difference is the use of mortar to seal the stones or bricks to ensure they stay in place and avoid gaps that can appear over time.

  • Slab patio

    This type is more durable than the mortared and dry-laid patios. The builder pours concrete on the shape of the selected patio size then smoothed and leveled till it dries.


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