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Refurbishments and Restorations

It may seem like the practical option, and for some cases, it usually is. Do it yourself repairs can work for small things like a loose screw on the door bolt or plug a leaking pipe. But there are some jobs where a do it yourself job may cause more trouble than actually help—especially when it comes to repairing complicated fixtures or fixing old buildings. Attempting to do these repairs yourself can put you at risk for making mistakes which can then be costlier to repair; therefore the best overall option is to hire a refurbishments and restorations expert.

Kwikfynd residential builders usually offer these kinds of services for a certain fee, and some even have specialized historic restoration services to cater to unique heritage structures.   So what is the difference between refurbishing and restoring?

  • When to refurbish? Obviously when you need something fixed in the house. Refurbishment services can include paint jobs, replacing tiles, laminating polished wood floors and fixture repairs. It will usually be less costly than a total home makeover and won't take as much time.
  • And when to restore? Restoration services are necessary for really old and dilapidated houses like ancestral homes in dire need of repair and long time unused houses. These structures may have incurred more damage and sensitive parts that should not be rough handled by non-professional workers. These services usually cost more but are essential in avoiding repair mistakes.

Depending on your needs and your own plans, you can avail different kinds of services from restoration workers. Check the available services and assess your budget beforehand so that you can make the most out of your money. Here are some helpful reminders.

  • Make a plan. Know exactly what you want to do with your house so that you can avoid unwanted alterations, additional charges and other mistakes later on.
  • Know the cost. Prices for refurbishing and renovating vary from builder to builder. Shop around for the lowest rates from quality builders and if possible, gather personal recommendations. Don't always settle for the first bid you're given, especially if you think you are being overcharged. Try haggling for a better price for your budget, as most contractors would usually try to lower their rates to keep the clients who dared to ask. Make sure that all the important details are ironed out before formally settling on a deal.
  • Give your budget a little leeway. Emergencies and extra costs for projects like these are generally unavoidable despite all the careful planning in the world. Make sure you have emergency funds stashed somewhere to accommodate these possible blunders.
  • Stay in the game as much as you can.Make sure that the builders know who has the final say in your house. Work closely and consult your design ideas and decisions with them to give them an even clearer picture on how you want the final product to turn out. Not only does it help you feel empowered, you may also actually learn a thing or two regarding house repairs and construction.


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