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The process of remodeling or improving or adding value on a construction is known as renovation.

Renovation tips

Ensure a structural engineer or an architect checks the plan before carrying out the home renovation to gauge the structure safety.

Tip 2
Get a professional technician to do the wiring. This helps to avoid mixing copper and aluminum wiring. Faulty wiring can cause electrocute or burn down the house.

Tip 3
Well informed drywalling. Ensure you have the right methods and materials which will improve the value and look of the structure.

Tip 4
Plumbing - Get expert opinion on ways to install, maintain and replace plumbing. Get a qualified plumber to ensure all the pipes, drains, toilets, fixtures and sinks are well fitted. Unprofessional plumber may cause pipe leakage and improper installation.

Tip 5
Budget planning - Workout a realistic budget that will work and stick to it. It is a way of finances control and saves homeowners from debt due to unnecessary expenditure.

Types of Renovations

  1. Bathroom remodeling

    Bathroom renovation helps to increase the value, make the room cozier and safe for the home owner. It aims at transforming the bathroom into an appealing room for relaxation. When remodeling the bathroom the style preferred by the owner should be considered.
    Below is the renovation budget:

    • Labor – 20%
    • Hardware & carpentry- 16%
    • Windows & doors- 4%
    • Surfaces & counters- 21%
    • Ventilation & lighting- 5%
    • Plumbing & fixtures- 29%
    • Design & miscellaneous- 5%

    The thumb rule is that both installation and material should not cost further than 5%- 10% of the home’s value.

  2. Room remodeling

    Room renovation involves part decorating, design, and furniture choice. A sophisticated room setting can act as entertaining and hosting area.

  3. Kitchen remodeling

    Kitchen serves as a room to prepare and cook foodstuff. It also serves as a family dining, entertaining guests and storing gadgets. This is where most of the action takes place in the house hence the renovation design should consider the above mentioned activities.

  4. Home additions

    Home renovation is an immense undertaking which boost home’s value. The home owner should invest well in materials and ideas so that they can enhance the home’s character and value.

  5. Plumbing remodeling

    Plumbing renovations services include:

    • Heat pumps, air conditioning and ventilation systems
    • Hot water and water tanks installation
    • Home Fire sprinkler systems
    • Gas lifting
    • Roofing repairs
    • In- Slab Heating and boilers
    • Drainage and drain laying
    • Plumbing design
  6. Interior remodeling

    Interior renovations include:

    • Wallpaper and paint
    • Tilling and flooring
    • Countertops and cabinets
  7. Exterior remodeling

    Exterior renovations include:

    • Roofing
    • Sunrooms
    • Complete facelifts


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