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Roof Conversions

Roof conversion is the process of extending the size and length of the roof. Conversions result perfectly on pitched roofs. The roof should be covered in the material that is complementing the main roof. When deciding to have a roof conversion, consider the effect on the loft space. The conversions should however not dominate the main house.

Types of Roof Conversions

  1. Velux conversion
    There are no major alterations made to the roof hence do not require permit of planning. The original roofline goes untouched by the size of the loft. This is easy to construct and also cost effective.
  2. Dormer conversion
    It offers an extension to the existing roof. This provides more shade to the ground and also increases the space within the loft. This type of conversion is a bit complex hence requires permission for planning.
  3. Mansard conversion
    This conversion has two slopes and is able to maximize the space within the loft. The entire roof undergoes alteration hence permission for planning is required. This also makes it costly.
  4. Hip to gable conversion
    The hip roof does not have space on the loft hence requires a conversion from hip to gable to provide more space within the loft. Major changes are done for the conversion hence requires permission for planning.


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