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Rural Homes

The rural areas are the idyllic getaway from the busy city life; therefore the style of building your rural home should ideally be relaxing and cozy yet spacious. Most rural houses are designed reminiscent of old architectural styles in the 18th and 19th century, and some may have even been handed down or reconstructed to preserve their structures. While there are rural houses that have applied modern architecture to their construction, the rural community offer a host of houses that are a balance of the old and the new.

There are several different styles to building a rural home, depending on the size of your family, the size of the house you want and your own architectural preferences.

  • One Room House: a basic rural home structure also known as basic cottage or basic log cabin. It is characterized by a single shape design, primarily square or rectangle, with the doors, windows, roof and the chimney are in primarily relation to the structure's central form.
  • Stack house: Also called as one over one, it is a vertically longer version of the one room house with the chimney at the garbled end and the door on the opposite end. Stairs are usually of the winding type and often located at the edge of the central room.
  • Saddlebag houses: An architectural style used in log cabins, this house style generally involves building two polygonal structures separated by a small hall and open space.
  • Contemporary: These rural houses combine old and modern architectural style to build houses characterized by wood or brick structures, spacious interiors, high ceilings and tall windows.
  • Central hall house: A housing style composed of a large hall and a parlor divided by a central-passage structure and defined by the presence of two chimneys at either end of the house. Sometimes called as Williamsburg cottage or theTidewater-type cottage.


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