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Shade Sails

Flexible and affordable, a shade sail is a device you can easily and quickly set up to create an outdoor shade reminiscent of a ship's sail.  The concept was first used by the Ancient Greeks and Romans, draping large pieces of cloth to provide shade on open areas such as the Coliseum.  This was then popularized in the 1990s when Australian exporters began distributing shade sails made of an inexpensive yet durable sail cloth throughout the world market.

In the market, there are different sizes and colors of shade sails available though the best shade sails are those made from UV-resistant materials.  Most good shade sails come with multi-year UV degradation warranties too assure users of the efficacy of their UV inhibiting materials. There are also several ways to install shade sails in any outdoor area. 

Shade sails are stretched to maximum capacity by either a turnbuckle or a pulley system fixed on the sails' corners.  Turnbuckles are the choice of fasteners for permanently placed shade sails because they offer more tension and firmer fixing. 

Pulley systems are more practical options for occasionally used shade sails for easier assembly.  But for even faster assembly time, some shade sails come with a quick snap hook system that you can easily unhook for quick storage.

Lastly, there are several kinds of shade sails available.  The cheaper ones are pre-made sails you can buy cheaply at retailers.  However while they do cost less, in the long run, pre-made sails often wear out more easily than custom made ones. 

A custom made shade sail is often tailor-fit to meet client expectations.  For example, a domestic shade sail or shade sails used at swimming pools usually make use of UV-resistant materials that can be stretched on the backyard or front porch for sun protection.  For rainy places, there are available shade sails that are both UV and waterproof for extra protection against elements.

Shade sails are quickly becoming both a practical and an aesthetic way to offer a roof and protection from the elements in the great outdoors.  It is becoming a popular option in the Australian market and soon may become the next big thing in architecture worldwide.


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