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A shed may be used as a storage room, outdoor laundry place or workspace. It is usually built on a home garden or yard. There are many sizes and styles of sheds for the homeowner to consider.
Before purchasing a shed, the following factors should be considered:

  • Planned shed location at home
  • Items to be stored in the shed e.g. small gardening tools or large lawn equipment
  • Intended use of the shed e.g. storage space or workplace
  • Size and style of the shade

Sheds are either made from wood, vinyl, ply wood or metal (commonly used metal is either steel or aluminum). Sheds may have accessories such as windows to ensure lighting, shelves for organizing and placing items and workbench to aid in carrying activities in the shed.

Types of Sheds

We have three types of outdoor sheds. They are classified according to the type of material used.

  1. Wooden sheds

    These sheds are made of wood, making them inexpensive. You need to maintain and repair them often. A good example of a wooden shade is Suncast storage shed. Other examples are:

    • Classic Wooden Workshop Shed
    • Wooden Classic Storage Shed
    • Gambrel Horse Barn
  2. Metal sheds

    They are made of aluminum or galvanized steel then coated with a glossy finish to appease their look and value. The sheds are durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Examples of metal sheds include:

    • Arrow Dakota Steel Shed
    • Arrow Newport  Steel Shed
    • Arrow Sheridan Steel Storage Shed
    • Corten pool equipment shed
  3. Vinyl sheds

    The sheds have double wall panels making them the best storage sheds. The installation and maintenance of the shed is more expensive compared to other types of sheds. Examples of vinyl sheds include:

    • Classic Vinyl Sided Saltbox Shed 
    • Gambrel Classic Vinyl Sided Storage Shed
    • Vinyl Sided Workshop Sheds 
    • Amish Vinyl Shed
    • Amish Vinyl Shed


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