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Sloping Block Homes

These are houses built on a slopy or irregular ground. They offer a beautiful view of the landscape and because they lie on an incline ground, they enjoy passive cooling.  The slopy block homes have better drainage compared to the level ground homes. They are built by experts but damages can occur when there is excessive excavation which can cause erosion, make the house unstable and interfere with the drainage system.

Sloping block homes are made of lightweight, flexible and affordable materials. Builders need to employ sediment control measures during the building process to protect the block’s integrity. The design used should help reduce the excavation and retaining walls costs. Sloping block builders normally consider the fall and shape of the land before putting up a structure.  Just like any other house, the sloping block homes should be cost effective, environmentally conscious, effectively drained and well ventilated.

Type of Sloping Block Homes

Pole homes

These are the most preferred for irregular grounds as they are lightweight, cheap and easy to assemble. They do not require too much of site preparation. The pole homes are weatherproof and durable. They easily adapt to future extension if desired and has two kinds:

  1. Pole platform
    The pole platform is used to help support the level frames on which the houses are constructed and a concrete footing is reinforced thus ensuring the structure is firmly anchored in the ground. The poles do not penetrate past the floor level.
  2. Pole frame
    Pole frames are used as the main framework and foundation of the building.  It does not require block or a concrete foundation. The poles help to support the entire construction and making it resistant to the harsh weather such as the wind forces.


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