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Split Level Homes

Split level homes are structures based on the popular architectural layout wherein the floor levels are staggered so that the front or the entry level of the house is halfway between the upper and lower stories. Split-level house plans retain the general characteristics of ranch houses including the low pitched roofs and mostly horizontal lines, the only difference being the addition of two storey units divided at mid-height by the halfway level in between them. Split level houses are generally roomy and adaptable to any architectural style such as Colonial and Victorian. They are also found to be quite durable. There are also sub-styles that make up the split level home structuring:

  1. Stacked split level:
    A design common in townhouses. The stacked split level has can have four to five sets of short stairs and three to five to six stories with the entrance in a level between two floors. The front door opens immediately into the living area and the area below these usually lead down to a basement. On top of the living area is at least one bedroom. Often additional bedrooms are 'stacked' on top of this bedroom level; hence the name 'stacked split level'.
  2. Split level:
    This design has usually three to four levels with two or three short stairs and the main entrance at the middle area between two floors. The front area usually opens to the living room, where there is a short flight of stairs leading up to the bedroom, and another short flight to the garage or an informal living room. A fourth level may be available for use as an attic or cellar. The distance between the split level’s window and the ground is always 15 feet.
  3. Split entry:
    This style consists of two to three short stairs and three to four levels with the entry level between the floors themselves instead of a middling level. Per. A split entry’s entrywayhas a unique appearance in that front windows line up unevenly from the front door.
  4. Raised Ranch:
    Its distinguishing features include having a full flight of stairs (contrary to the short stairs of most split houses) and two levels with the entrance being at the lower floor. The top floor is dedicated to the living areas while the lower floor is usually for the basement.


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