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This is a type of housing meant to give shelter to cities where it is densely populated. They can be single or multi-storey buildings. These are buildings constructed as a single family dwelling. They are connected to each other in a series or group hence some tend to share a common wall. The townhouses are economical to the owners as it is easier to maintain that secluded units. Though the type of housing tends to reduce the privacy, they get to share the best of amenities. There are two types of townhouses and they mainly differ due to the terms of ownership.

Types of Townhouses

  1. Condominium townhouses
    The tenancy is shared between the owner and the other unit owners in the common areas such as the driveway, parking space, recreation area and elevators among others. The condominium owners only own the condo units themselves and not the land beneath.
  2. Freehold townhouses
    The owner exclusively owns the building itself and the land as well. The owner is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the building and the landscape in its surrounding.


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