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Unit Developments

Unit development involves building development making use of land to provide housing, recreational, services and industries to form a community or a subdivision, though in reality, most unit developments offer more than the regular subdivision. Depending on the development scale, there are two kinds of unit developments: multi-unit and planned-unit. Each unit is designed for a specific purpose and caters to people with different housing options in mind. Mass scale house sales are usually found in planned-units while the smaller but more exclusive areas are usually found in multi-units.

  1. Planned Unit Development (PUD):
    PUDs are exclusive homeowner communities operated by an association. In return for association dues, residents offer different perks and amenities that you usually don’t find in regular villages. These may include the use of a clubhouse, an exclusive playground, sports complexes and security & maintenance services.

    But since the idea behind PUD is to use as much of the land as possible, the houses are usually designed as compact, often of the same architectural style and placed close together. While they may offer ideal rates for starting families, some buyers may find the constraints in PUD housing as too restrictive despite the promised community benefits.
  2. Multi-Unit Development (MUD):
    Literally defined as a land occupied by more than two separate dwelling, with the owner having legal interests on their own units and in the common areas. It usually is on a smaller scale than the Planned Unit Development, and houses built on MUDs share certain facilities such as plumbing, parking areas and recreational facilities. And because it usually involves land smaller than PUDs, business minded folks can make use of MUDs to start real estate businesses like apartment or townhouse complexes.

In choosing between PUDs and MUDs, remember to keep in mind your needs. MUDs may have options to just rent a place instead of owning and may have smaller association dues than PUDs. PUDs however offer a wider range of services and the right to your own living space. So in the end, it will be a matter of choice and what your budget can afford.


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