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Warehouse Building

Warehouses are commercial buildings used to store different kinds of goods. They are used by manufacturers, retailers, exporters, importers, transport, the government and even the higher end private sectors. Goods stored in warehouses can range from raw materials, to dried goods, to finished products to toxic chemicals and military weapons. With this in mind, it is important to know what kind of warehouse is best suited for your needs to make sure that the building will be designed to best accommodate them.

A warehouse can be of any structure from a simple one floor unit to a multi-floor building complete with cranes, lifts, automated doors and even thermoregulation.

  1. According to Thermoregulation:
    1. Heated warehouses — Most warehouses generally fall under this category. Used to hold most non-perishable goods.
    2. Refrigerated warehouses— Used store perishable goods like meat and seafood. Has designated spaces for freezing and chilling as needed.
    3. Controlled humidity (CH) warehouses—These buildings are equipped with vapor barriers and other machines to maintain humidity at desired levels.
  2. According to Function:
    1. Personal Storage: Think of it as an expanded basement or attic to store goods that won't fit in your house. A good example of this would be Michael Jackson's storehouses for all his memorabilia.
    2. Mercantile: Warehouses can be used to store goods used for manufacturing and trade. Warehouses open for the display are the ones that showcase finished products for selling.
    3. Trade: Some warehouses cater for imports and exports storage. They can also be meeting places for overseas traders where they can inspect the goods and discuss on deals. Other warehouses are used for labeling and packing goods for exportation.
    4. Transport: Some houses were built close to railroads, docks and airports to unload and store goods on board.
  3. Special Warehouses:
    These buildings are used to store specific types of goods like flammable, toxic, radioactive and other forms of hazardous materials. They are usually under strict regulation and control standards to ensure that both the goods and the general public are kept safe and at optimal condition.


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