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A deck is an outdoor flat structure strongly built to support weight. They are usually joined to a building and elevated from the ground. Most of them are made of timber or wood.

Functions of Decks

  1. Can serve as an extended living room.
  2. Garden landscaping.
  3. Alternative home structure instead of stone based structures as patios.

Types of Decks

  1. Freestanding decks
    These are decks that are not attached to the house or any fixed structure. It offers a stable living area away from the main house.
  2. Multi level decks
    This kind of deck is partitioned to provide a number of areas which are used for different purposes.
  3. Pool and spa decking
    It improves the look of the swimming pool area. It prevents chances of an injury from a fall or slip.
  4. Platform decks
    They are built low on the ground and usually attached to other dwellings. They are surrounded by plants and benches.
  5. Raised decks
    They are raised above the ground. To ensure safety when accessing the yard, stairs and rails should be present.
  6. Two storey decks
    They are raised further to give the homeowner a nice view of the surrounding. The deck is made of strong pillars and wood to ensure it's strong and safe.


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