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Knockdown Rebuild

Knockdown rebuild is the decision to demolish a wrecked building or house and constructing a new structure. It is cost effective compared to renovation. It also gives the home owner an opportunity to add rooms or the size of the space for each room. The owners are in a position to offer blue prints of the design they have in mind so that the builders can ensure to meet the home owner’s expectation. This trend has increased of the last few years especially where land is cheap. Property demolition and rebuilding usually costs 3-5% of the total budget.


  1. Helps to save and especially where land and space is limited.
  2. It is cheap and cost saving for the homeowner compared to renovating the house.
  3. Gives one a chance to expand and add rooms and storey and customize the entire home design as per their desire.
  4. No hidden cost.


  1. Before demolishing the old house, sign a contract with the home builders.
  2. Hire an architect to assist you design the house plan from scratch.
  3. During demolition, ensure you are present so that you can inspect and supervise to ensure everything goes as per your plan.
  4. Find a temporary shelter near your home to save time relocating.


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